You always win when companies work to earn your business and existing customers willingly vouch for them.

Buyer Insight™ goes beyond traditional review websites and automated comparison engines by going back to what really works: introducing and facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between you and the people that are ready to work hard to earn your business.

Our teams have deep relationships with the key experts and decision makers that you need to choose the best solution and get the best value. We make sure they compete for your business by representing your interests and challenging them to accommodate them. We also have relationships with the existing customers who can give you confidence in which solutions deserve your consideration and ultimately validate which one deserves your conclusion.

Your own buying experience then becomes an important voice in giving companies guidance on where they are failing to deliver, and giving future buyers the same benefits and confidence you received.

Melissa – Buyer Insight Advocate

I’ll get you recommendations and answers from other buyers that you can trust

I find recent buyers sharing your situation and needs who are ideally placed to answer your specific questions, give you their recommendations, and tell you about their experience. You can then see exactly what they chose, why, and if they would do the same thing again. The result is that you pick the right solution the first time.

Jana – Buyer Insight Advocate

When it comes to buying, the power is in your hands

Let’s make sellers earn your business. Instead of buying blindly, we can give you the opportunity to accept or decline best offers from sellers you are interested in. You can set the terms once you help us understand your unique situation and needs that motivate your purchase.

Christina – Buyer Insight Advocate

I make sure you have a superior customer experience

I make sure you have a great customer experience. I can escalate and help you resolve any product or service issues with vendors to your satisfaction. Your overall buying and customer experiences also help other buyers make better decisions.

Tegan – Buyer Insight Advocate

Don’t see the vendor you need? I can facilitate a connection

If you aren’t seeing the vendor or product you are looking for on our Buyer Insight Marketplace, no problem! I am your advocate and can find a connection to facilitate you in your buying experience.

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